Photo Gallery: Sheffield on 35mm

All photos were taken with the Olympus OM10, on Kodak ColorPlus ISO 200 35mm film. They were shot around Sheffield, mainly in the Botanical Gardens.


Can Christmas be Ethical?


As the notion of Christmas has been culturally reinvented, it has become centred around something of an unhealthy worship of materialism. In countries that are higher on the development continuum, we often end up trapped in the bubble of Christmas shopping and Christmas food – often without considering the wider diasporas of consequences our lifestyles may have.


This post isn’t written to merely rant about heavy facts for the sake of spreading cynical negativity, nor will it solve any of the issues. However, I’d hope to inform and provoke further thought around the topics raised. As you read, the essential question to consider is as follows: is it possible to have a sustainable Christmas, without the exploitation of people or the environment?  

A common scene in nearly every Christmas movie is the elves, in the North Pole, working on a production line. With a cruel twist, the ring of…

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Author’s Note: On reading further about a song called Timshel by Mumford and Sons, I came across a passage from John Steinbeck’s novel East of Eden that I ended up questioning on a deeper level than perhaps any other work of fiction (which, as an English student, is saying a lot). In a way, this …

Live Review: The Japanese House, Brudenell Social Club 23/11/18

It’s something of a strangely nostalgic experience to, for the first time, hear the songs you’ve listened to so often – to the point that they’ve become memories in themselves – performed live. There’s also something fascinating about being in the small venue of Brudenell Social Club, where there are no barriers and the stage …

[Poem 7/11/18] : / unexpressed /

unexpression unexposed, running deeper than fragmented light in the metamorphic decay of ephemerality. where are these ghosts that haunt my heart preserved? [intheexperienceofdepth] with the water that spreads through ink - a patient dream of november nostalgia. the changing currents that stirred my soul to trust however the strings are tied and cut, duplicating the …